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A Universal Basic Income (UBI) often gets dismissed as an “unaffordable utopia”, but it’s supported by US Presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, and my analysis suggests it’s quite feasible and could offer far-reaching benefits to the economy & society:

See here:

and here:

and here for further discussion in the context of broader tax reform, along with my spreadsheet analysis of the cost and funding of a UBI in Australia:

Also see here for my LinkedIn post on a UBI to address mad consumerism:

Financing startups via stakeholders

Less than 1% of “startups” get any Venture Capital finance, which is very expensive anyway – demanding very high rates of return that can be self-defeating. True “unicorns” that such finance suits are as rare as, well, a unicorn!

Other startups need to pursue more realistic & less expensive sources of finance, with the best opportunities probably being through trading partners (suppliers & customers) & other stakeholders who already know & trust the startup, and so will demand lower returns on their lower perceived investment risk.

Financing opportunities may vary from early-stage trade sales to tailored, hybrid customer-investor packages that help boost sales & manage risk.
See my paper on “Financing Start-ups” at this link:
Financing Start-ups.pdf
which is at my personal web page about stakeholder finance generally and particularly “Capitalist Co-ops”:

New beginnings!

Here we go with the next chapter! Principal Advice is now up and running to help with all your strategic and analytical requirements. It’s a very exciting time, the world is changing, and we need to change to keep up…